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Brand Design

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Creating Something Out of Nothing

Ferrumpipe is a partner of the largest metallurgical plant “Severstal”, that supplies galvanized metal for its needs. The production occupies 5000 square meters and owns the most modern equipment for the manufacture of all types of fences. Their old website has not been updated since 2014 and our task was to make a good-looking website with a demonstration of the entire production line. Also, at that time the company was launched on the foreign market and the site had to correspond to the international level in terms of the visual concept.

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Production technology in detail

Thanks to 3D and customer's schemes, we were able to reproduce the production technology of these frames. It is based on a folded seam and this technology does not require welding, which distinguishes Ferrumpipe from other manufacturers.

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Image of coffee being poured into a glass

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